Faire Facilitates Over 1 Million Orders to Food & Beverage Brands

November 3, 2022  |  By Faire

Faire, the largest online wholesale marketplace connecting 600,000 independent retailers with 85,000 brands around the world, today announced reaching a significant milestone of one million orders facilitated to food and beverage (F&B) brands. In total, Faire has introduced 5 million new connections between retailers and brands across the platform. Today, Faire carries some of the most beloved consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands including Momofuku Goods, Katy Perry’s De Soi, and W&P, among other brands that are using the platform to generate millions in order volume each year. 

Over the last year, grocery and specialty retailers have grown in popularity, with a report from the Specialty Food Association (SFA) revealing that specialty food brick-and-mortar retail has grown over 20% since 2020. Respectively, grocery and specialty retailers on Faire have increased by 130 percent in the last year, with more than 100,000 retailers purchasing from food and beverage brands on the platform. Retailers in this category are also spending more on average than other retailers on Faire – a portion spending at least six figures in volume to stock best sellers for their unique assortment. Gourmet market, The Epicurean Trader, has doubled their retail footprint since joining Faire in 2018, now operating across four locations in San Francisco. The retailer, focused on small-batch, artisanal products, has placed over 5,000 orders on Faire to date, averaging over 20 orders per week. 

According to the SFA, consumers today are seeking out smaller format stores, corroborated by a recent Vericast survey reporting that they are altering their retail behaviors and dining out less, opting for more meal time at home. As demand increases for local community shops that offer curated, unique experiences and greater opportunities for new product discovery, emerging and established brands are altering their distribution strategies accordingly. With the global CPG food market expected to reach $2.5 trillion by 2028 (CFA), these shifts represent massive growth opportunities for CPG brands that invest in independent retail channels. 

“Consumers are showing increasing interest in products and brands that align with their social and environmental interests. It’s no surprise that this translates to preferences towards the more personalized, values-based shopping experience that independent retail offers,” said Faire CFO, Lauren Cooks Levitan. “We’re thrilled to support this vibrant community on Faire, and look forward to continuing to empower their growth across the globe.”

To support the growing needs and momentum of the F&B category, Faire recently built a dedicated team focused on introducing new product features, functionality, and offerings to meet their distinctive needs, including:

  • Launching Alcohol: Alcohol is now available on Faire to be sold and purchased in and across 14 countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Switzerland. 
  • Product Attributes: Faire now supports the addition of key information and attributes to help retailers discover products based on details like ingredients, allergens, shelf life, location, diet, production practices, and more.

Momofuku Goods, founded by chef David Chang, invests in independent retailers as a key sales strategy, recognizing the power they hold as the trendsetters and curators of their communities. This year, Momofuku Goods became the best-selling food brand launch on Faire, with 700 Faire retailers stocking products from the brand in less than one year. “Coming from the restaurant business, we know how powerful it is to be a part of local communities,” said Marguerite Mariscal, CEO of Momofuku. “We’re honored that independent retailers have found us through Faire and decided to stock us in their stores. Our goal is to broaden what constitutes the American pantry so having these folks bring our products to life for their customers across America couldn’t be more in sync with our mission.” 

Similarly, sustainable kitchen essentials brand W&P, one of Faire’s early adopters, has long recognized the power of independent retail as part of their omnichannel strategy. Since joining in 2017, the brand is now stocked in over 3,500 Faire retailers, conducting millions in order volume on the platform. “We know customers want to shop locally more now than ever, and Faire’s platform has helped us strategically reach more W&P customers worldwide,” said Kate Lubenesky, President of W&P. “Faire’s efficiency, flexible terms, and shipping solutions are all ways they’re leveling the playing field for independent retailers to compete against big-box chains and ultimately reinvest in their stores and communities.” 

De Soi, co-founded by Katy Perry, joined Faire in January 2022 within weeks of launching the non-alcoholic apéritifs brand to diversify their reach and meet customers where they already are. “We field daily requests from fans of De Soi asking when their favorite non-alcoholic apéritifs will be available in the aisles of their neighborhood bottle shop, at the bar of their favorite restaurant, or tucked in their corner boutique or bodega,” said De Soi CEO, Scout Brisson. “We’ve seen clear consumer demand for a personal, tactile shopping experience. Especially as a lean team, De Soi loves how easy Faire makes the discovery process so that independent accounts are able to carry our products.”

CPG brands rely on Faire to expand their reach and simplify their business. Faire will continue to support the specific needs of the food and beverage community, empowering them to achieve success. To learn more, please visit the food and beverage section of our website

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