Welcoming the Basis One Team to Faire

June 9, 2021  |  By Max Rhodes

Earlier this month, we shared Faire’s vision for the future of retail and what we are building for our customers. Empowering our community of entrepreneurs while growing at a fast rate relies on our ability to rapidly draw insight from data and customer feedback. Today, I’m excited to share that Faire has acquired Basis One – a strategy and analytics consulting firm founded and led by Dan Hockenmaier. Dan will join Faire as the Head of Analytics and Strategy, bringing with him an incredible team that will help us continue to build this critical capability.

Dan Hockenmaier

Dan brings over a decade of experience, spanning time as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, Director of Growth at Thumbtack, and ultimately founding Basis One, where he and his team have worked with many of the world’s leading growth-stage marketplaces. 

When he began working with Faire in 2017, we had just raised our seed round. At that time, we only had a handful of local customers and the idea that we would one day become a global marketplace with over $1B in annual sales was just a dream. Over the course of the past four years, Dan and his team have been instrumental in making that dream a reality, using his unique combination of analytical rigor and customer intuition to help us make some of our most important strategic decisions. From building our category and international expansion playbook, to helping us identify the key growth levers for our core marketplace, Basis One has consistently driven trajectory-changing impact for Faire.  

One of our core values at Faire is “Seek the Truth” – it’s a guiding principle that encourages everyone to get to the root of a problem in order to identify the best possible solution. The strategy and analytics team at Faire enables other teams throughout the company to consistently make informed decisions with relevant data, customer research, and a deep understanding of the industry. As we broaden our vision for Faire and the ways we can better serve our brands and retailers, the Basis One team will help ensure we deeply understand which problems we are solving, and why they matter.

After working so closely with us over the last four years, Dan is uniquely suited to help Faire continue to build products and services to empower our customers to chase their dreams. Bringing the Basis One team on board to build out and scale the analytics and strategy team will enable us to continue to serve our customers by helping them succeed against competitors a million times their size. Welcome to Faire, Dan and team!

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