Introducing International Makers on Faire

August 13, 2019  |  By Faire

Faire is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to chase their dreams, and one of the ways we do this is by building a curated wholesale marketplace for our growing community of makers and retailers. Today, we are announcing the arrival of 370 international makers from 39 countries around the world to the Faire marketplace.

Retailers can now shop items from international makers today on

More than 40,000 local retailers use the Faire marketplace to discover high-quality products from our community of over 5,000 makers. The introduction of international makers to the Faire community gives retailers unprecedented access to emerging makers and craftspeople that were previously difficult (or, in some cases, impossible) to carry in their stores.

Each international maker represents an independently-owned artisan or emerging brand that meets our standards of artisanship and service, like Scotland-based founder of Bohemia Design, Jenny Lockton. Jenny founded Bohemia Design to help preserve the survival of traditional crafts around the world. She proudly operates in her community of Leith — a bohemian district renowned for its thriving community of artisans, designers, writers, and musicians.

Photo: Jenny Lockton on a collaboration trip to Morocco — her products can now be shopped on

“Faire is giving us the opportunity to reach a significant new audience of quality independent stores which we wouldn’t have had the knowledge and resources to discover and approach by ourselves,” said Jenny Lockton, founder of Bohemia Design. “Immediately after our store went live on Faire we started receiving orders; and within the first few weeks of the journey with Faire, we are already supplying over 40 new accounts.”

Internationally sourced products are important sales-drivers for retailers who focus on curating experiential shops that wow and delight their customers. Many retailers told us that one of the ways they differentiate themselves is by carrying a mix of local favorites alongside niche and rare global finds.

Photo: Instagram/@ware.avl — Ware is a sustainable lifestyle store located in the heart of Asheville, NC

“Customers like seeing what they cannot see elsewhere. There’s a huge maker community in Asheville, and my store is in a very small downtown,” said Gillie Roberts, founder and owner of Ware. “I go out of my way to make sure that my products are not in dozens of other stores. Part of what made me successful is sourcing from international makers. My customers are positively overwhelmed when they enter my store.”

At Faire, we believe that the future is local. We know that makers and local retailers thrive when they have a level playing field. With the addition of international makers to our marketplace, this now means retailers can source from their favorite makers, no matter where they live. This is an exciting first step towards a global marketplace where local retailers and makers across the world can connect and do business together, risk-free.

Visit to begin shopping items from the newly added international makers along with more than 5,000 high-quality makers. If you are a maker and would like to apply to the Faire marketplace, please visit to learn more.

Announcement highlights:

  • 370 new international makers have arrived on the Faire marketplace
  • International makers are coming from 39 countries, including Argentina, Canada, France, Honduras, India, Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Uganda, and the United Kingdom
  • Faire will eliminate risk by facilitating payments and order logistics to make the process of international transactions safer and seamless
  • Faire will be at Toronto Gift Show, Show Up, UK Autumn Fair, Maison & Objet, and Top Drawer in early September
  • For partnership inquiries, email [email protected]
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